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Then replace the existing (Town/City) row with the ‘Page path + query string’ dimension. In the ‘Build comparison’ box on the thee right select ‘User medium’ as a dimension. If you have previously used the public Google Demo Account, now you also get access to the Google Merchandise Store properties for GA4 within that same account. BlogGoogle Analytics 4 Google Analytics 4 is an analytics service that enables you to measure traffic and engagement across your websites and apps.

It’s calculated by dividing the number of conversions by the number of total ad interactions. Browse Databox’s open Benchmark Groups and join ones relevant to your business to get free and instant performance benchmarks. Are you a B2B company and want to benchmark your marketing performance, including Sessions, Users, Avg.

#10 Google Analytics 4 filters

The bounce rate represents the percentage of people who leave your site after visiting only one page. On the other hand, if you have an educational landing page, knowing that visitors spent time on your page means the information you are providing is valuable. If you’re monitoring a lead generation offer, analyzing your landing page sessions can help you see which promotional channels are working for you. The sessions by source metric shows you where your landing page traffic is coming from. To find out how many times your landing page has been viewed, look at the pageviews metric.

How To Build A Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report In Less Than 4 Minutes – Search Engine Journal

How To Build A Google Analytics 4 Landing Page Report In Less Than 4 Minutes.

Posted: Fri, 22 Jul 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Session Duration, Bounce Rate, and more, against other companies like yours? You can check out all of this by filtering page views by date. Or, if you want to see the total number of views your landing page got for the specified date range, you can visualize it in a line chart. Line charts are particularly helpful for spotting trends. You can check out which pages attract the most/least number of visitors, which will let you know what to improve and optimize. Therefore, the landing page report in Google Analytics will contain all of these different types of pages in one place.

Page level conversion rates in your landing page report

Things like bounce rate and exit rate can give you some insight into what visitors are finding interesting. For a bit more on this, check out Website Data Most Nonprofits Should Be Tracking. Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with tracking blog content. As long as your blog is incorporated into your website and you have the tracking code installed on it, you won’t need a separate analytics install for it. How is your Google Analytics installed currently on your website? Let me know whenever you get a chance and hopefully we can figure out a solution.

  • By default, the report presents pages by the number of views each page receives.
  • It doesn’t mean you should ignore other sources completely, however.
  • You can access them from the dashboard as shown below.
  • With this, you can seek trends and correlative changes in traffic levels for promotional campaigns you organize.
  • Get access to tools in your Mailchimp account designed just for freelancers and agencies like you.
  • With MonsterInsights, your landing pages report is always available at the click of a button, without having to open Google Analytics.

For example, a session can contain multiple page views, form submissions, and so on. Total New Visitors The total visitors without an Oracle Eloqua cookie. This analyzes pages from the view of how often they are landed on (first page viewed during the user’s session) and examines metrics including bounce rates, conversions, etc.

Stay on Top of Your Landing Pages Conversions with Databox

When you see a green box that says “Landing Page” click it. You’ll now see the channels driving traffic to all of your individual landing pages. But we now need to add a filter to remove all of the pages we aren’t interested in at the moment. Third, if you’ve enabled goal tracking, are visitors from the homepage ultimately going on to complete a goal? This can tell you if your homepage is ultimately helping you in the ways you hoped it would.

  • I’m seeing it installed on the homepage but not the About or Diamond Products pages.
  • Okay, so now we have a solid understanding of how landing page performance metrics work and why they’re so important.
  • In some case, your traffic source may not be targeted enough so that any landing page improvement would help.
  • In Google Analytics 4, there’s no pre-made landing pages report.
  • To increase conversions, optimize your websites constantly.
  • No need to lose time setting up goals, manually implementing the metrics, and adding dimensions when we have everything you need within just a few clicks.

Use the Source/Medium to see what’s driving traffic to your landing pages. The average session duration metric is a great way to gauge your landing page visitors’ engagement rate on your page. It allows you to predict the performance of your landing page, based solely on how long a user stays on it. A visit consists of all the visitor’s interactions before their session ends.

#6 Google Analytics 4 Dimensions

This will open up a list of dimensions that you can use for your report. Search for “Landing Page”, select the check box next to it and click on the “Import” button on the top right corner. A full guide on the most important metrics you should benchmark to Landing Page Report understand how your website’s performance measures up with the competition. No matter which template you choose, you can easily customize it to include or exclude metrics, filter your metrics differently, change the colors and visualizations, and more.

What should a landing page contain?

  • Concise and Compelling Headline (and Subheading)
  • Hero Shot.
  • Identification of Audience Problems.
  • Expression of Your Solutions.
  • List of Features and Benefits.
  • Credentials.
  • One, Clear Call-to-Action.
  • A/B Testing Capabilities.
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